Chief-Apostle Phillip L. & Apostle Terry D. McLean
Terry D. McLean, a native and current resident of Conway, SC, serves as the Senior Pastor and Founder of Renovation Resurrection International Ministries and Breakthrough Ministries; located in Loris, SC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

She is also the Founder and President of
Women's Repaired International Fellowship,
which was established in 2009.

With a heavy heart for her leaders linked with the spirit of excellence, Apostle Terry served faithfully in many different facets of leadership in ministry before being called by God to become a Pastor. The gifts of prophesy, healing, and the ministry of deliverance are among the weapons in her arsenal as she preaches a message of uncompromising truth.

After graduating from Newberry College with degrees in Psychology and Sociology in 1999, Apostle Terry continued her pursuit of higher education while attending Lesley University.

In 2004, after sacrificing her teaching career as instructed by the Lord, Apostle Terry birthed Capture Inc. Youth Center to serve and help meet the needs of at-risk and underpriveleged youth in Horry County.

She also recently released her first book entitled, "The Truth About Pastors & Christian Leadership".

Terry D. McLean is a loving mother of three and is passionate about her husband of thirteen years,
Chief-Apostle Phillip McLean.

She loves the Lord with her heart and soul and walks in tremendous humility towards the anointing of God.

Prophetess Terry D. McLean